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When people ask Sue Baldwin to describe the type of training and consulting that she conducts with clients, "personal and professional development" is her response. Participants who work with Sue in either small or large groups learn that the material she presents will influence both their personal and professional lives. Sue supports and encourages people to look at the values and passions that influence their lives. Commitment and dedication are important concepts that will make a difference in how we interact with others as well as choose the careers that give us meaning.

Dealing with Stress - Tips

Some tips for you to incorporate in your personal & professional lives are listed below:

  • Take a deep breath. Take three more deep breaths.
  • Develop a professional support network.
  • Take action now and make positive changes. Don't be a victim.
  • Laugh out loud at a funny joke. Read a few pages of Sue Baldwin's book: Lighten Up and Live Longer.
  • Be physically active daily.  A walk, swim, bicycle…some kind of aerobic exercise.
  • Go try on funny clothes with a friend.
  • Incorporate balance in your life related to working/playing; alone/with people;etc..
  • Pop popcorn with a lid on the popper.
  • Hang out with young children.  They know how to play, laugh, and have fun.

MORE TIPS for the professional lives of Early Childhood Managers Supervisors, and Administrators:

  • Have adult stress toys in your office that encourage people to play when they come in for a meeting.
  • Develop a “NO CELL PHONE” policy in your program for parents and staff.
  • Budget in money to hire a floater, someone who can fill in when staff are out sick or who can work in the program in various roles. You won't have to scramble to find last-minute substitutes. When not subbing, the person can be that much-needed extra pair of hands.
  • Develop a break room for the staff to use during their time away from the children that also has resources related to stress.
  • Remember that conflict is inevitable and normal.  Learning how to deal with it instead of using avoidance will lessen your stress.